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Panel Meters

Tempcon are authorised distributors for the extensive range of panel meters from Data Track Process Instruments, West Instruments, and Eurotherm Controls.

Comprehensive alarm functions allow for monitoring, switching and control applications. Some models offer a hysteresis facility to stop noisy signals switching alarms. Alarms can usually be configured as latching or non-latching. Most panel meters offer communication outputs.

The Tracker 240 can measure and control the loss of product weight in a container/tank. Alarm outputs indicate if the reservoir tank is too low or full.

The Tracker 260 series of panel indicators is designed specifically for use with LVDT Transducers. 'Fast Cal' feature provides a fast and simple method of calibrating a panel meter to the transducer at any two positions.

The Tracker 280 panel indicator is ideal for Pulse Totalisation, Pulse Rate, Frequency Measurement, Timing, Up/Down Counting, Batch Control, Position & Encoder Quadrature Measurement.


Our technical sales team will be happy to recommend and/or configure the perfect panel meter solution for your needs. 
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